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The Tale of C2 Paint: a Full Spectrum Story

Long, long ago (actually, about 20 years ago), in a faraway land (actually, the U.S. and Canada), when designers, painting contractors, and DIY’ers thought about paint, they conjured up images of Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, Bher and many others. The one brand that they were not yet aware of was C2 Paint. In fact, no one had heard of such a brand.

                             C2 Who?

At the time, it was a common belief with the local inhabitants that if they hadn’t heard of something, then it must not exist. After all, seeing is believing, hearing is hearing, and well…you get the idea. So, they went about their merry way content to use whatever paint their father had used, or their painter preferred, without ever asking the question: “Is there something else, something better?”

Then, out of nowhere, a faint sound could be heard. It started out as a whisper amongst a few independent paint dealers, barely audible, and then slowly but surely it began to gain volume until one day its name could be heard in select locations across the land. That name was C2 Paint.C2 Paint

The local townsfolk fortunate enough to have a C2 dealer close by could scarcely believe their eyes or contain their elation. It wasn’t long before tales of giant paint chips made from real paint (UPC’s), and a palette of 496 of the most beautiful colors ever created, traveled across the land. Interior designers flocked to these locations to see for themselves what all the talk was about. They were instantly mesmerized by the undeniable beauty of the color, and their painters told unbelievable stories about the coverage, hide, and user friendly application.

 “C2 paints have the most glorious colors that have been edited down to rich, saturated hues that I use often. The fan deck sits on my desk and is a constant inspiration.”
 – Katie Ridder of Katie Ridder Design & Decoration
“C2 paint let’s you dream in color… For me, it is all about the clarity of the C2 palette. Their paint colors are uniquely suited to my design work. I choose colors that are clean and crisp and happy.  C2 provides so many inspiring colors.”
Tony Baratta of Anthony Baratta

As time passed, these pioneering C2 dealers began to establish the brand in their marketplace, and found that they were able to change the way people thought about paint, and color. They began to open the eyes of the local paint consumers and were delighted with what they found—people were happy! Yes, despite the firmly held belief that these folks would only be content using the same brands that had been passed down to them by their forbearers, they found that their customers were as excited as they were about the amazing attributes of this paint brand: full spectrum color, a curated color palette, and a dealer owned business model.

             The visionaries behind C2 Paint

Naturally, these dealers were full of enthusiasm for their new accomplishment. Not only did C2 Paint satisfy the demands of their existing customers, but they found themselves gaining new customers they didn’t know existed. In an effort to share the good news they embarked across the land to help other independent paint retailers enjoy the same success that they had achieved in their own businesses.

Not surprisingly, they were often times met with skepticism. Many dealers complained that they and their customers had never heard of C2 Paint, therefore they wouldn’t be able to sell it. Undaunted, these successful C2 dealers continued to tell their story to any and all that would listen. Eventually some dealers began hearing about C2 Paint either from their customers or from other dealers in their area and were willing to take the leap of faith, excited to offer color that was second to none.

C2 Paint color

To their amazement, what they learned was that while they thought that C2 Paint was not well known at all, they came to find out was that it was simply not well known yet! You see, C2 Paint had actually become a well-known and respected paint brand in the marketplaces where dealers had the vision and fortitude to introduce it to their customers, and is currently expanding rapidly across the US and Canada.

Customers were now shopping at their stores as opposed to their competition because they brought something new, exciting, and superior to the marketplace. Customers were thrilled to be liberated from their old ways of looking at paint and color, and rewarded these dealers for their entrepreneurial spirit. After all, who wouldn’t love a paint brand with such innovative products, one-of-a-kind color tools, and a full spectrum palette that is unrivaled in the industry? The answer is simple…nobody!

A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Our job is to show it to them.” – Steve Jobs

The Real Story Behind C2 Paint

“You’ll never sell a single gallon of paint.”

These words are a constant reminder that having a passion for change can be daunting, but for the founders of C2 Paint, they were pure motivation. Since its inception, C2 has dedicated itself to creating products that place artistry over automation, quality over quantity and creativity over corporate structure. For a company with big dreams and a plucky, independent spirit, the proof is most definitely in the paint.

C2 Paint is the brainchild of Thomas Hill III, a former paint chemist, who became frustrated by the poor quality of the products available in the industry. “At that time, paint was becoming just another commodity. The focus was less on quality and color and more on how they could make it cheaper, faster and more mainstream,” Hill recalls.

The visionaries behind C2 Paint


So in 1998, he set out to do the impossible: start a paint brand that surpassed all others. He gathered a group of independent paint dealers and presented them with his proposition. This passionate, creative—and often rebellious—alliance formed the first and only dealer-owned paint brand in North America.

“We wanted to redefine what it meant to be a paint company … to avoid the trappings of a large corporate structure so we could concentrate on innovation, creativity and selling an exclusive, best-in-class product—all while maintaining our independence.”

Carefully crafted by hand, C2 was heralded as an instant classic, as evidenced by their timeless color palette and artistic philosophy.

The C2 Color Committee vets and names all colors

“Our product is designed for the savvy consumer who truly appreciates color and quality. C2 is NOT your conventional, off-the-shelf paint. But if you’re looking for innovative, handcrafted products that are user-friendly, C2 Paint will surpass your expectations. In the world of luxury paints, our quality and durability present an incredible value proposition.”

The beauty of nature is the inspiration behind every C2 Paint color, made with unique, finely ground, artist-grade pigments. The company approaches their craft like a fine painter would—using complementary colors to tone (instead of black), and applying multiple colorants to create unmatchable, luminous colors. Curated by design professionals, the harmonious 496-color palette makes choosing colors less stressful and more intuitive.

A family that plays with color together, stays together!

C2’s independence allows them to maintain the highest standards of quality—from raw materials and proprietary technology to performance and service. Exclusive offerings like color chips made with real paint, the Ultimate Paint Chip (the industry’s first 17″ x 24″ color tool) and proprietary full-spectrum color formulas have made many competitors nervous.

Ultimate Paint Chips are an easy, affordable way to test color.

“We’ve been targeted by some of the biggest names in the industry, but we consider that a compliment,” says Hill. “We’re not the type of people who back away from a challenge.”

“We’re dreamers and doers. And we will continue to create the most incredible paint colors and products available.”

Two decades and countless gallons later, C2 continues to dedicate its mission to making paint on its own terms. The company attributes much of its success to those that have supported its innovation and color philosophy—interior designers that insist on specifying C2, painters and contractors that entrust their reputation to C2, and discerning homeowners that choose C2 to beautify their homes. Together they have enabled C2 Paint to turn an impossible proposition into a colorful reality.

A family that plays with color together, stays together!

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About C2 Paint
Luxurious Handcrafted Color

C2 Paint is synonymous with superior paint color. Our premium full spectrum products blend leading-edge technology with finely ground artist-grade pigments to create paint with exceptional vibrancy and coverage. Unsurpassed application properties give all C2 products a smooth, beautiful finish that’s at once elegant and durable.

We have invested in the finest ingredients, a one-of-a-kind colorant system and exclusive technology to create sophisticated, alluring color choices that awaken our appreciation for the natural world.

Our full spectrum color philosophy, based on three core principles, allows us to achieve a unique color space that others can’t duplicate.